About Roho Rafiki®

Roho Rafiki’s founder and director, Stacey.
With African influence, “Roho Rafiki” is Swahili for a friendly soul.
Roho Rafiki® is an ethical, organic and sustainable unity + hope clothing brand which donates profits to charities that help humanity and protect our natural world*.
Stacey spent time volunteering and travelling in East Africa before COVID19 restrictions meant she returned to the UK prematurely from her original travel plans early 2020. Still inspired and determined to make a positive difference to humanity and the natural world, Roho Rafiki® was created.

However, Roho Rafiki® isn't just a clothing brand. Together, we're building a global network of beautiful souls who make the world a better place for us all every day.

The ethos of Roho Rafiki® is simple; to unite, inspire + empower those who want to help raise the energetic vibration of humanity from negative to positive, collectively helping to create a brighter and healthier future for us all; whilst respecting our diversity and the Earth.
The Roho Rafiki® white feather symbolises wisdom, connection, peace + hope.
Do you want to be a part of something incredible? The world needs YOUR light, courage and positive energy now. #RafikiSoul
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Take a look at our main Feather brand and our Heart, Mind, Soul + Spiritual ranges.
* Individuals cannot personally gain financially from Roho Rafiki® charitable contributions. Nor will Roho Rafiki® donate to projects that cause or contribute to any suffering or abuse of animals, people or destruction of our natural world directly or indirectly.